Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Muse has Temporarily Left the Building

After getting my 2015 Hoffman Challenge doll in the mail, a series of life events started that squelched my doll making for the rest of the summer and now into the fall.  I can feel my muse trying to get back to making dolls.  Or something.  Anything! 

Princess Naima is back home.  Her base broke in shipping to the Hoffman Challenge. 
I tried a new method of anchoring her to the base in a standing position - I used a knitting needle because I could use a smaller diameter than a wood dowel and it wouldn't bend or break.  However, it did not hold in the glue and migrated up her leg, thus detaching her from her base. 
Sounded like a good idea!!
Normally I make my challenge dolls in a sitting position because it is way easier to anchor a seated doll firmly.  Didn't make sense though for a belly dancer to be seated!

Princess Naima is my favorite of all my Hoffman entries! 
And I can't say "Next Time" as Hoffman is not including dolls in 2016. 
Thinking of how to fix the Princess for permanent display. Perhaps a shorter knitting needle and hot glue rather than craft glue.  Hmmmmmmmmm!


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