Saturday, July 11, 2015

2015 Hoffman Challenge Doll - Finished

                     Meet Princess Naima
When I saw the 2015 Hoffman fabric, I saw a belly dancer because of the dangly coins in the print.  I added my own dangly coins for her costume and lots of beads. 
View from the back.
My doll is named after Naima Okef who was a famous dancer in Egypt.
I tried a new technique for the finish on the chiffon skirt.  Tulip Glitter Bond and Glitter.  Tested it out on a small piece and, yes, it will work to finish the edge of the skirt and to embellish. 
Then I did it on the full fabric laying it on my cutting mat.  Glue stuck to the mat!   I hung it out to dry and got glue got in places I didn't want it and on the chiffon it showed. 
Plan B.  Bought a large quilting hoop, inserted the fabric which was then elevated from the table surface.  Worked perfect. 
Did I mention glitter everywhere! 
Next problem is the 80+ degree weather - the glue took a really long time to cure. 
All in all I am pleased with Princess Naima.  She should have arrived  at Hoffman yesterday. 
Hoping she is selected to travel with the 2015 Hoffman trunks.
p.s.  I have most of the glitter in my house cleaned up!