Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Girls in Dresses

Josie didn't really want to model her dress.             
Kodi would just look at me taking her picture.
I am pleased with how both dresses turned out.  They were greatly appreciated and will fit for quite some time.   Kodi's dress was designed to go with a bonnet her mama found at a bazaar last summer. 
Okay ...... back to dolls!
This Twixling was January's Dolls with Arty Attitudes challenge.  She is made with the fat quarter I received from Hoffman Challenge 2014 as an entry gift. 
My Twixling from the back or top view.  She has gold wings to coordinate with the gold in the fabric.  I made the wings some time ago along with gold socks, however, the sock fabric didn't have any stretch and would not go on to her feet.  And unfortunately, the seams tore out when I tried to get them on her feet!