Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Serendipity is Ready to Go!

She is complete!  I have finished my entry to the Hoffman Challenge.

She was really fun to make - I love her!
I used the Betts Vidal pattern called Ping ... The Sugar Plum Fairy but added my own touches.
Here is her close up just before I secured her headdress.
When I wrote to the pattern designer, Betts Vidal, for permission she responded with the nicest reply.  I was so touched with her reply I am including in this post.
"Hello Ronda,
   What a sweet email! I'm pleased that you decided on my Ping pattern for your Hoffman challenge entry. I wish you the best! She is lovely...especially those big blue eyes and the floral applique on tulle...nice touch.  It was so kind of you to ask for permission to enter the doll and also to acknowledge me as well. Believe me, this is a rarity for pattern designers and we all appreciate the few like you who have exemplary ethics.
   I'm so glad you had your own ideas when constructing her. It's the interpretation that sets one doll from the next. The added accessories are the "fun" part of doll making don't you think? It's the point that all doll makers work towards.
   Your doll will shine at the exhibit, enjoy meeting all the other dolls and also being admired by so many viewers. The doll exhibit is a long standing tradition that attracts everyone...doll maker or not.
  Thank you for your request and best wishes..".

My thanks to Betts for your lovely note and for her blessing to use her pattern.