Friday, January 17, 2014

Spirrit of Christmas Past - Finished!

My online class from A is for Artistry by Barbara Schoenoff was great!  I thoroughly enjoyed making this doll.  I am pleased with how she turned out.
Spirit of Christmas Past

She is standing on one leg with the other pointed out behind her.  This picture looks like she has one leg!!!!  
Here is a side view.
The other leg is somewhat visible.
In this class I learned to use a wire armature which makes the arms and legs more pose-able.  Normally I stuff my dolls firm enough I don't need the wire support, however, they only hold one pose.  I thought it was difficult to insert the wire into the body the way it was stitched.  Also had to be careful to stuff around the wire so it didn't show. 
The second lesson that I learned was using a large upholstery needle instead of a dowel to mount her to her stand. The drawback is that she is not firmly attached.  She spins around.   This method would not work for a show doll.  When I use a dowel in the leg the doll is fairly secure in her mounting.  However, I haven't gotten  a really nice finish to the leg stuffing the few times I have tried the dowel.   More practice!!! 
Back view
I used the pre-glittered tulle by the roll.  I think I used a bit too much tulle but am happy with her anyway.  I do have glitter EVERYWHERE in my house! 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Online Class

I signed up for an online doll making class by one of my favorite doll artists.  I have  made several of her patterns and liked them all.  When I saw Spirit of Christmas Past by Barbara Schoenoff  I did not hesitate to sign up even though I knew I didn't have time before Christmas to start a doll. 

BUT, after Christmas!  I had time.  And I needed to start my January Doll Club challenge doll.  The theme "Silver & White" fit exactly with "Spirit of Christmas Past". 

Here she is so far.......................

Spirit of Christmas Past
She is posing in her underwear in front of the roses and poinsettia, waiting for her base and costume to be finished. As usual I am not really happy with her face. Although it looks better from a distance than it does up close!   I need to do the exercise that Rita Keiser recommended '30 faces in 30 days" to practice, practice, practice!  Have never been very good at practicing - I just want to DO!
The circle beside her is her base - waiting for the glue to dry.  I like to put the doll's name & my name on the bottom of the base for posterity.  I glued the paper onto the base, then modge podged it,  Next I will spray with clear acrylic paint to seal the whole thing. 
However, overall I LOVE her!!  Will finish her this weekend.