Saturday, November 9, 2013

Steal of a Deal

And I am thrilled! 

After the Anita Goodesign workshop I attended last June, I have been looking at the large hoop embroidery machines.  Oh the things I could do!  But they are so very expensive.   I have been shopping on ebay for an older model when the large hoop machines first came out.....................
Then I found it!  A top of the line Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond.  It is about 4 years old but has more than enough features to keep me busy for years and no one had bid on it.

I watched for several days.    Still no bids.  So I made the decision to bid.  The worst that could happen was I would get out bid and I would have to keep shopping.  One day before the auction was to expire I entered my bid at the starting amount.  When I checked back the next morning, alas, someone had out bid me by $50.  Stealthily I got on ebay ten minutes before the auction was to expire.............. still just the one other bid.  30 seconds before the auction was to end - I placed my bid.  And I was the WINNER!

The machine arrived and I am so pleased.  Oh the things I can do! 

I stitched a doll today and the auto lift foot is wonderful for the detail of hands and feet.  No more stopping, lifting the presser foot, shift fabric, putting down the presser foot, sew 2 stitches, stop, lift presser foot...   well you get the idea.  It works beautifully.  Not fast but surely a motion saver. 

I LOVE my steal of a deal.  And "oh the things I will do"