Saturday, October 12, 2013

More Dresses

Here are the six dresses I have completed for Mom's quilt so far. 

 I will make all of the dresses different.  No two will be alike. 

I am doing four different dress styles - the design right now is three across and four down, however, as I lay out the quilt, I may want to add another row across to get a good sized quilt.  I am thinking a lap quilt so it won't be huge but I don't want it to look like a scarf!   My "spacial"  challenge is visualizing the layout in my head,  I need to see it to figure out if the size is good.  Usually I plan and plan and then end up making changes when I actually see how it lays out. 

One more block completed today.  Had lots of problems so it was a slow go.  The next two should be easier now that I know the order of the embroidery colors. 

I am so excited to get this done!  Cannot wait to see it. 
And cannot wait to see Mom's face when she gets her quilt. 

The Start of Mom's Quilt

The idea for Mom's quilt has been rattling around in my mind for quite some time.  I have finally taken action to start!

The first one took a long time! 
Three needles, six broken threads and one temper tantrum.
Found out that I was using a needle that was too small - when the machine took a long pass it would pull on the needle and break it.  Whew!  That fixed most of the problems. 
It was smooth sailing.  Took all afternoon - I completed three dresses.  Two are shown here.
I remember Mom's green pantsuit with the  tweedy green top to match.  The red(orange) and blue I think was my youngest sister's.  As I recall it too was a pant suit.  Will have to check with Mom and write these memories down. 
 Perhaps in permanent ink on the panel or the back of the quilt!!!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Not a Doll

My newest project is not a doll, although, I do need to make a doll for the October Dolls with Arty Attitudes challenge.   My newest project is somewhat of a challenge.  I need to make something meaningful with this...................  (and this is just a small portion of it)  

Mom's Stash
This is Mom's stash.  We went through her ALL her boxes of fabric (well not nearly as many as Dad indicated there were!)  Mom has saved every scrap and bit of fabric that she has used in the last 50 years!!!!    Some are awfully small.  I must confess that I don't save anything like Mom did.   She saved dresses that we girls made and wore in high school and college.  I had no idea.     That was a very long time ago. 
As I am leaving her house, Mom says   "That is my life."   So there you have it - a mission to help Dad clean out the store room turns to a different sort of mission. 
How do I preserve Mom's "life" without storing it in boxes at my house now that I have removed them from their store room? 
The solution!
A quilt that Mom can wrap up in and hold her "life" close. 
However, I am not a quilter and I have trouble seeing colors in a design - especially such a variety of colors that are not anywhere near my color palette.  What to do?

I  found the solution last June when I signed up for a machine embroidery workshop.  Anita Good Designs makes machine embroidery patterns for quilts.  This one is dresses using appliqued fabric.  How perfect!  I have done three and am loving the results.  The applique combinations are not as overwhelming as I was envisioning.  I cannot wait to do more. 
Maybe I will make quilts for all of us kids!  
Guess I had better see if I get the first one finished!!!