Monday, July 29, 2013

Hoffman Challenge 2013 Fan Dancer will be On the Road!

The results have been posted.................. Fan Dancer was selected to travel for the Hoffman Challenge 2013 in Trunk C!  I am so excited.  What an honor to have my doll seen around the country in the company of dolls by so many extremely talented artists.

The back view is where most of the Hoffman Challenge fabric can be seen.  The big leaves that make up her skirt and the small leaves that cover her shoulders are from the challenge fabric. 
 The fan is from one of the complementary fabrics.  It is so beautiful and covered most of her which gave me the idea "Fan Dancer".  I cut out the fan and glued it to a stiff interfacing sandwiched between another of the complementary fabrics on the back side of the fan.   She is dressed in tulle with only a little skirt to cover her assets.  Her shoes are beaded sandals with another small piece of the challenge fabric across the top.  She has an extra smaller fan beside her in case she needs extra coverage! 
The dark green in the base is a piece of upholstery fabric my Mom saved in her "stash"  from 1970-something.  I think I remember the chair she covered with it!!
I am so pleased that my doll was selected.   Gives me the encouragement to make more dolls and enter more challenges.
Next up this year is the Challenge of the Gypsy "Masquerade Ball".  I have started but really do need to get busy.  She is due in Texas in September.