Saturday, June 29, 2013


I had a very CREATIVE day today!  Fan Dancer finally came out so I can finish her for the 2013 Hoffman Challenge.  She has been very shy,.  Even after I had her name, I didn't know how to do her. 

The inspiration came from the complimentary fabric with the beautiful fans.  The challenge fabric has some wonderful leaves that make a perfect costume for a fan dancer.
Tomorrow is eye lashes, eyelids, hair, shoes and securing it all together.
I am so excited!  I love her!!!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Embroidery Workshop

How time flies when you are trying to get projects done!

The first weekend of June I went to an Anita Goodesign machine embroidery "party".  My first one ever.  Oh my!  I learned so much!! 

I learned to do a trapunto technique, embroidered lace and machine quilting.  What fun!  

side note ............I recently assumed possession of my Mom's life savings of fabric ( 8 boxes of fabric) and her parting comment was ............ "but that is my life".  Oh the pressure!      What do I do with this fabric now? 

At the weekend workshop I figured out what I would do with Mom's fabric - make a quilt for her to wrap herself in her "life".  I am excited to make her quilt.  If this works, I will make one for each of my brothers and sisters for their share of Mom's "life". 

After spending a weekend learning machine embroidery techniques, I am working on several new dolls.  Piper was done in the nick of time.  And now I have to finish my Hoffman Challenge doll. 

She doesn't have to be there until July 19th!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hoffman Challenge - Sneak Peek

The base is done except for final assembly which will happen after the doll is finished and ready to sit upon her throne.  No, she is not a queen! 

I do have to thank my Mom for saving her scraps of material and letting me have them at just the right time.  The bottom part of the base is covered with a fabric that Mom used to upholster a chair in 1960 - something.    It worked perfect for my color scheme to add texture.  Thanks Mom! 

The gold fabric is one to the Hoffman coordinating fabrics to the challenge fabric.    My doll will sit on the gold seat which will be attached to the upholstery base. 

I am SO jazzed - my idea is really coming together!!