Sunday, May 26, 2013

I Have It!

I finally know what my entry to the Hoffman Challenge will be this year!!!! 
Was concerned that I would not have an entry because I was not getting any ideas for the doll.  I had out five or six patterns that would possibly work ................ but what is the theme?   The fabric is beautiful, however, it was not 'speaking' to me.  

Decided to use a Patti Culea pattern.  I have been quite successful with her patterns.  And then I was looking at the coordinating fabrics - I always get a small variety of the family of prints - and I got it!

Will wait until she is done to give out her name.

Here is what she looks like now.  Am waiting for the disappearing ink to disappear to finish putting her together.   If I turn her too soon, the ink may not disappear. 

This another hint
I am so excited now.................I know what I am doing.