Sunday, February 3, 2013

Not What I had Planned

...but better!  
I am so excited with this dress and how it turned out.  I love it!  It has machine embroidery, machine stitched daisy chain, trim in an alternate color and no button holes.  All that is left is the hand work and a zipper.  I must have a short, white zipper in my stash. 
My plan for the day was a cute, sheer dress.  Not too pink.  Not too purple. (It was fairly pink and purple)  It was cut out from a simple heirloom type layette pattern.  But it would not assemble!!!  I tried several times to do pin tucks to no avail.  All attempts were too crooked to pass my  quality control inspection.   So I folded the main dress pieces and the excess fabric and put it away for use on something else, some other time. 
The dotted fabrics were left over from a dress I made for Josie.  Her dress was a combination of  blue with white dots and white with blue dots for trim.   It was for her birthday last summer.   The embroidery pattern is the one I have used on Josie's birthday dresses since before she was born. 
Josie's 2nd Birthday Dress

Friday, February 1, 2013

Foundation of an Heirloom

Last weekend I started the new baby's first dress - the slip.  Lace and embroidery.  All that is left is sewing on the snaps. 

With all of my "stash of supplies" I never seem to have the right lace, so I was off to the fabric store for the lace for the arm holes and neck line. 

I also embroidered the bib with the same pattern as the slip.  Will use the lace that I used on the armholes and the neckline for the bib.  It will go around the cuerves better than the other lace - besides I am about 2 inches short of having enough! 

The bib after embroidery.
The dress will be my project for this coming weekend.