Friday, May 18, 2012

Gianna Carlotta

Oh my!  I forgot to post picutures of the lovely Gianna Carlotta!  She was my May Doll Club traveling doll.  Gianna came to me in need of hair and underwear.  There is no 'before' picture of the bald & naked Gianna Carlotta.  Here she is with her new French asymetrical hair and her delicate Italian lace panties and bra.  (The lace is not really Italian - we just have to pretend!  That is part of the fun of doll making.)

Gianna Carlotta's story is that she was a successful model in her youth, however, has now developed an ample figure due to the excess of her success.  She still has a love of the finer things in life!


 Alexandra,the next Doll Club traveling doll to visit me, needs new clothes.  She has some fine new under garments and a lovely hairdo. She brought her new quilt and kitty with her.   Now she needs clothes fit for a queen so she may attend the new ballet that premiers next month.   I see a lovely, feminine dress with lots of frills. 

Alexandra's quilt was made by Suzie.