Saturday, November 19, 2011

Oh the things you can do with a paper bag!

I love our Doll Club challenges!!
Our challenge for November was 'do something with a miniature paper bag'.

If there was a prize, I think this one would have won.  Diane brought her curious cat.

Charlie made miniature teddy bears.

And all of them go well with Chrystalline the Christmas Faerie.  It looks like we planned the scene.  Just a happy accident!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Chrystalline the Christmas Faerie

Chrystalline is nearly finished - way before her deadline for completion. 
She is holding a bag full of gifts.
For Doll Club our challenge was to make a doll using a miniature paper bag in some way.  This one is an actual scale model of a grocery bag made by Rita.  She gave us directions to make scale models and the few samples she had left in her stash. 

Chrystalline is also my entry into the Cloth Doll Artistry Holiday Faery Challenge.  I need to find a few more mini embellishments to complete her costume.   Will visit Michaels to see what I can find. 
I think she needs a string of lights draped over her shoulders. 

The pattern I used was Whimsy by Barbara Schoenoff.  First time I have used one of her patterns.  I like it!  There were a few things I did differently because it is easier for me to do some things the same old way - that way I know the results will be good. 

I used a ribbon to put on her head so her head turns.  I tried using button joints but ended up sewing the legs and arms to make them stationery.  I couldn't get them on firm enough to hold her position.  I think it was easier to get her into a sitting position though with the joints so that was good. 

Chrystalline's seat is a candle holder with a cushion added in place of the candle.  Candle holders make the best seats for dolls.  My gypsy doll is sitting on a very cool brass candle holder with bells.  The frame of the candle holder makes the base firm and easy to attach the doll so she doesn't move.