Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sylvia the Forest Fairy

Sylvia has been completed! 
I starter her - body and head
Lisa added arms and legs AND caligraphy
Charlie added lovely mohair hair and delicate lace undies.
Susie added layers of filmy skirt, a wand, tiera with butterflies, a dream catcher
She sent a letter teasing me with pictures and hints. 
To my delight and surprise, Susie made a quilt for Sylvia that is just gorgeous!

Travelling Dolls are Finished

Aren't they beautiful!

The travelling dolls have come home to their original creators quite different than when they left on their journey.

Each doll started with a body and head with face and a story (except the mermaid)
Then arms and legs,
Hair and underwear,
Finally - clothes and accessories.  Most of the dolls were costumed such that they did not need many clothes -

In  the final stage -
The mermaid got a face and a beach

Ann got a grass skirt, lei, flip flops and a beach ball
The cancer survivor got a wig
Aura got her colorful skirt
Sylvia got a beautiful handmade quilt

This has been a wonderful challenge and, once again, each dollmaker has done her magic to make a truly interesting, fun character.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Doll Club Travelling Doll is Finished

Ann is ready to go to Hawaii!  She has her grass skirt, lei and puka shell necklace.  Her beach bag is on her arm, flip flops on her feet  and beach ball is inflated for fun.

Ann is anxious to return to Susie and tell her about all the preparations for her trip to Hawaii!

Doll club meets tomorrow and all of the travellers return to their owners.  What fun!  I can't wait to see all the finished dolls, especially my Sylvia the woodland fairie.