Friday, June 24, 2011

Hoffman Doll

Now that the birthday dress is done, I am ready to get  back at my Hoffman Challenge doll.  Her body is about 3/4 done.  Just the face, hair & assembly.  Then the costume with the Hoffman fabric.  I got a set of the fabric designs in the series of this year's challenge family.  Lots of colors and patterns to chose from.  I had a hard time figuring out what my doll would be this year.  I finally have a fairly good picture in my mind what I want her to look like.  Cute and sassy with butterflies!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Josie's Birthday

Josie's Birthday Dress & Dolly

Finished with time to spare!  The dress is from the cover of Sew Beautiful magazine except this one is blue with daisies and yellow dotted trim rather than white with roses and green trim.  I am pleased with the results.  There were only a few minor disasters that I won't talk about since the disasters were averted and no one will notice if I don't say anything.  The shoes were an accidental bonus find.  I wasn't looking for shoes but there they were with daisies on the toes. 

I find that dolls for little ones are much more difficult to make than art dolls that can have small pieces and glue.  This doll has no small pieces and no glue.  Most of the sewing was by machine which gives a much stronger stitch than hand sewing.  And she is meant to be played with by a one year old.  Her hair is embroidered as are the face features.  I was able to pull the threads when I was doing the nose so she has a bit of a bump for her nose. 

Now to get the house cleaned!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Troll is Finished

Isn't she cute!  Well, okay, cute is not the right word.  I love her!!!

I am ready to make another one.  Right after I finish up my Hoffman Challenge doll and my grandaughter's birthday presents.  And the baby quilt for my friend's new grandson who will arrive soon. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Little Folks Workshop by Ute Vasina

These are Ute Vasina's Little Folks.  They are just too cute!
Well, maybe cute is not quite the right word for them.  Adorable!   Oh what fun! 
Making trolls is so much fun!!

The wonderful thing about doll makers is when there are 14 doll makers there will end up to be 14 different dolls.  Here are pictures of the class.  The instructor is Ute Vasina.  She is the one standing in the top picture.  We all started with the same pattern, fabric, instructions and ended up with wonderfully different trolls.

Ute was a wonderful source of information.  I learned lots of new techniques including making wrinkles and giving the face lots of character. 
 - The head is not stuffed very hard so wrinkles can be added to give the face lots of character. 
- Put lots of color on the faces and other body parts to give definition.  Ute uses stampers' chalk.  Yellow, then green, then light red, then brighter red for the lips.  With colored pencil,  brown and grey for shadowing and highlighting. 
- A small thread spool can be inserted in the sholuders to keep them from collapsing when attaching the arms.
- Wire armature inserted in the legs will keep them firm enough to stand on their own.
- Attaching the opposible thumb is easier when matched with the side seam - then a few pins to stretch it into shape.
- Belly buttons with a small square of body fabric.
- Moles and warts with tiny body fabric yo yo.
-A body fabric yo yo to cover the buttons that attach the arms. (I never thought of that!) 
- Pantyhose boobs look almost realistic - unless you put in too much stuffing (like I did).  I think she needs a reduction!  Maybe her shirt will lay those girls down!!!!

- Shoes made from T-shirt fabric painted with Sobo glue.

Shoes drying

My camera was already packed in the car so I missed the group photo of all the trolls so will post it when I can get a copy from someone.

I did not get my troll finished in class - just too much to learn!  I will get this doll finished by the weekend (unlike a few other workshop dolls that are still waiting to be finihsed). 
Can't wait to get her done!