Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

Memorial Day - May 30th 2011
Walking among the US flags brings tears to my eyes with pride and humbleness. 
Thank you to all of the military who have defended the rights of Citizens of the United States.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Second Stage - The Travelling Dolls

May Doll Club - the girls are together again.  This time with arms and legs.  They are all starting to show their personalities.  With a journal to track the journey, these gals will find their way to the workshops of each of the participating doll club members until they are completed.  Then each will return home to their original creator who will cherish them forever. 
Next step is hair and underwear.  It is always a great surprise to see the next stage.

My girl for arms and legs was Aura.  She felt like dancing so she is on her toes with arms spread with joy.  Her colors reflect the aura of her being.  Her original creator is Diane. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Troll Class Coming Up Soon

This weekend I will be working on a new doll for a Ute Vasina class June 4th and 5th at Fabric Depot.  The class is "Little Folks" Trolls.  This will be a new stretch for me!  I have done fairies but not trolls.  My goal is to add a new dimension to my face sculpting. 

Faces are VERY hard for me.  I am not a painter, nor do I have a talent for drawing.  I agonize over each face wanting this one to be just right.  My skills are improving with each class I take and each doll that I complete.  I want to get comfortable making doll faces. 

I would like to make pretty fairies and I think that by exploring faces with more 'character' I will discover what it takes to make the faces pretty.  What I need to do is practice, practice, practice! 
I am looking forward to the Troll class.  Oh the possibilities!!!  Maybe I will become a maker of trolls instead of fairies. 

Stitch in Time Has Hair

My Stitch in Time doll has hair.  Although I don't think I like how it turned out so will be fiddling with the hair to re-do it or start over again.  I will start by trying to re-arrange it on her head.  So far the hair is just pinned on so it is easily moved about.  I may need to make the hair longer to have a longer braid to twist around her head.  I do like the technique to turn yarn into hair. 

I am very excited - I have a new camera that takes much better close up pictures! 

The hands are next.  They are small and difficult for me because of the size.  The sewing principle I get - its just the tiny stitches and holding everything in the right place while stuffing!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Slow Going

This is my maid Marion from Colleen Babcock's Stitch in Time class.  She is still a work in progress.  I must admit I have not worked on her very much since I got back from Eugene.  Her hands are still sans thumbs - the opposable thumb is really hard to do for fumble fingers like me!!   I am very pleased with her face.  I feel like I have improved on faces over the last year.