Monday, January 31, 2011

Gypsy Challenge

This is my entry to the 2010 Gypsy Challenge
She didn't win any awards but I feel like a winner just because she was shown at the Houston International Quilt Show along with so many beautiful dolls. 

What a difference the Fabric makes

I signed up for Judi Ward's online class Whatever, Whatever and thought I had the right fabric for her body............. boy did I have that wrong!  Started out it ravelled too much.  Reached for my trusty bottle of fray check but can't use too much or she will be too stiff to turn and stuff.  As I was stuffing the head I stuffed the nose right out of her!!!   And her head was tall and skinny - thought I followed the directional arrows but I guess not.  Also tried a new stuffing material too and it didn't stuff as nice as my usual material. 

The good thing about making dolls is - it is easy to start over again.  I ordered the recommended fabric which will be here in a few days and I will start over again.  :)  I have lots of body fabric but not the right kind!! 

This is a fun pattern with lots of new techniques that I have not used before.  I am looking forward to getting her finished.  She will be about 2 feet tall which is really big for my dolls but because of some of the face techniques I didn't want to make her smaller yet.  The next one I will shrink a bit.  

I was hoping to use this pattern to make my story book doll for doll club.  She will make a greast Fancy Nancy - my favorite story book character!  Since Fancy Nancy did not cooperate for the January deadline I switched to The Paper Bag Princess.  Found a UFO (un finished object)  and dressed her in a paper bag. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Third Thursday of the Month

Doll Club tonight!  It is so exhilarating to get together with other dollmakers to share what we have done over the last month.  To get new ideas.  To get new techniques.   To be in awe of what everyone comes up with.  Oh what a talented group of ladies we are!!!!!!!!!   The dolls are so different and SO wonderful.  

And I forgot my camera.  Was so worried about producing a doll for our storybook challenge (my first idea didn't work out so good)  I forgot to bring my camera to take pictures of our wonderful creations.  Fortunately others did remember and there were photos of the storybook characters.  Pinocchio, Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Little Asian Travel Doll and the Paperbag Princess.  

At the very last minute I remembered a doll that I had started but not finished who could fill in as "The Paperbag Princess".    Costuming didn't take much - just a paperbag. 

Our next challenge is a valentine doll - pattern by Karen Samuelson.  Can't wait to see all the variations we come up with.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Post

Dolls by Hand is a dream of mine to create dolls and share them with the world, or with anyone who loves dolls.  And then my A.D.D. sets in ..........  And I want to make little girl dresses.  And christening gowns.  And little boy togs.  And bears.  And.  And.  And. 

But in the meantime I need to START! 

Dollmaking is my stress release.  It feels wonderful to get an idea from my head into a figure of cloth.  I was honored to have my mermaid Treasure of The Sea delected to travel with the Hoffman Challenge Trunk Show in 2010.  I follow her travels and delight in knowing she is being seen across the U.S. 

I was also honored to have my Celeste shown in with the Challenge of the Gypsy at the Houston International Quilt Show. 

And now we have a new year.  New dolls to make.  New challenges to meet.

Happy 2011!