Wednesday, February 1, 2017

New Face

Faces are the hardest part of a doll for me.  I've been working on improving my faces to make it easier and not so intimidating to do my doll faces.  I always save the face until last!  
Last summer I took an art class from an Australian artist - Jane Davenport who wrote a book about painting faces.  I was SO out of my league but had a wonderful time and learned some about making art.  Finally got the courage to try a 'Jane Face' on fabric.  And I am pleased!
I'm ready to try on a doll head. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

Look What I Did!

I have a laptop that has a big screen and it's very hard to find laptop bags for the big screens that are anything but black or brown.  Boring!  We need more color in our world.

Wah lah - a colorful laptop bag!  I should call it 'serendipity' for the way it came about. 
First  ~ I happened to visit a new fabric shop, Circa 15, that has some great new fabric choices.
Next ~ I happened to visit another fabric store, Gathering Fabric Quilt Shop, and they just happened to have a presentation on Making a Fabric Bag.  Thank you Susan  and Laurie. 
Then ~ I happened to decided to go to Houston International Quilt Show to see one of my dolls on display with the Treasures of the Gypsy...... therefore I need a new laptop (and travel) bag.

I measured and modeled the new bag from the old, worn out, purple one that I have loved to pieces.  Even put a zipper in it!
Okay, there are a few things I would do differently if I make another one.  But I'm not telling which 'design features' I discovered!! 

This  bag is not padded so I will make matching (or coordinating) padded envelopes for my various sized electronic devises to protect them while they are riding safely in my laptop bag.   By not sewing in a fixed padded pocket like my worn out purple one had, the new bag will be more versatile for traveling. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Besom Maker Finished

Besom Maker - Broom maker is an ancient occupation that is still practiced by a few.
Here is my besom maker photographed in different locations and different angles.  I should have had her hunched over her broom more.  Oh well - next time!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Working on a new Doll!

Occupation!  Hmmmmm.  What is an occupation that is unusual? 
Besom Maker
What is that?   A Broom maker.  A lost art, but there are still besom makers active today.
She will be seated and working on her besom.   Her clothes are done but not photographed.

She does have a head!  It is just not attached yet.  Must get her clothes on first then will attach the head.  Followed by hair.  I think she will be a red head! 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

New Year - New Start!

Happy New Year !  Happy Valentine's Day!  And Happy Doll making!  When last I posted, my muse had left the craft room because, well, the craft room is quite topsy turvy due to a leaking hot water tank and a flooded basement. 
I have decided to coax my muse back by starting lots of new projects and taking an online class.   I brought my sewing machine to the dining room so its handy.  Will gradually find my tools. Muse - let's get going.   Lots of ideas are floating around in my head keeping me awake at night!

Was looking at pictures of dolls that I've made and realized - I have made a lot of dolls!  I don't have an identifying style of doll (yet), however, I do like to make dolls with whimsy - fairies, trolls, characters. 

Gorgeous Princess Creamy Beamy is a character doll I made for a 'cartoon character' challenge.
This is a great character that I had to give a try when I saw her!  I was really pleased with how she turned out.  Pretty close to the cartoon. 

Pheron was made for a wonderful friend of mine who is a marvelous singer and infectious personality.  Did I mention, she had red hair?

Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Muse has Temporarily Left the Building

After getting my 2015 Hoffman Challenge doll in the mail, a series of life events started that squelched my doll making for the rest of the summer and now into the fall.  I can feel my muse trying to get back to making dolls.  Or something.  Anything! 

Princess Naima is back home.  Her base broke in shipping to the Hoffman Challenge. 
I tried a new method of anchoring her to the base in a standing position - I used a knitting needle because I could use a smaller diameter than a wood dowel and it wouldn't bend or break.  However, it did not hold in the glue and migrated up her leg, thus detaching her from her base. 
Sounded like a good idea!!
Normally I make my challenge dolls in a sitting position because it is way easier to anchor a seated doll firmly.  Didn't make sense though for a belly dancer to be seated!

Princess Naima is my favorite of all my Hoffman entries! 
And I can't say "Next Time" as Hoffman is not including dolls in 2016. 
Thinking of how to fix the Princess for permanent display. Perhaps a shorter knitting needle and hot glue rather than craft glue.  Hmmmmmmmmm!


Saturday, July 11, 2015

2015 Hoffman Challenge Doll - Finished

                     Meet Princess Naima
When I saw the 2015 Hoffman fabric, I saw a belly dancer because of the dangly coins in the print.  I added my own dangly coins for her costume and lots of beads. 
View from the back.
My doll is named after Naima Okef who was a famous dancer in Egypt.
I tried a new technique for the finish on the chiffon skirt.  Tulip Glitter Bond and Glitter.  Tested it out on a small piece and, yes, it will work to finish the edge of the skirt and to embellish. 
Then I did it on the full fabric laying it on my cutting mat.  Glue stuck to the mat!   I hung it out to dry and got glue got in places I didn't want it and on the chiffon it showed. 
Plan B.  Bought a large quilting hoop, inserted the fabric which was then elevated from the table surface.  Worked perfect. 
Did I mention glitter everywhere! 
Next problem is the 80+ degree weather - the glue took a really long time to cure. 
All in all I am pleased with Princess Naima.  She should have arrived  at Hoffman yesterday. 
Hoping she is selected to travel with the 2015 Hoffman trunks.
p.s.  I have most of the glitter in my house cleaned up!